Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Duren- God of Fruit :P

Duren aka durian is simply the best fruit in the milky way. No doubt about that!! And if u eat it with Ketan, wowww it's gonna bring u to the seventh heaven huahuahuaua.......I am not kidding, I am just telling y'all the truth, swear to God mate :D Back in my hometown, this kinky combination had been sealed for hundred years, even when the Kompeni, bunch of looser who tried to colonize Indonesia, were still there. This secret recipe finally was revealed after a few decades ago, when local people realized that it was the right moment to make it Go International!! And Durian started expanding to D Juice, D Ice, D Candy and another D's. The D is pimping all over the world.

What makes Durian so special?? Yap, its exotic and sexeeh flava is like an extacy, it's so addictive. Once u eat it, RRRRRRR u wanna get more. Perfecto!!! The art of peeling D is also so intense and discreet. We have to be careful with all thorns which cover the hard outer husk. And when u finally open it, u will see the hidden treasure, the golden fruit.

But some "freaks" do not like it :P I absolutely have no idea about that. I remember, friend of mine told me that there was a challenge in Fear Factor to eat durian and guess what, they didn't do it. I don't know what's wrong with those people. They might regard its odor as fragrant or others find it overpower. Sometimes, people have to see deep inside to understand the mystic of Durian.

So guys, are u in favor or against Durian? But you are not the freak one rite :p

Monday, February 26, 2007

My First Blog

hey...now it is 3.43 AM. I listen to one cozy song and just finished shoveling the snow around my gas station. It is really quite morning. Since I start my shift, there have been only few customers coming by; some cab drivers as usual and private cars. My body is sweating and i am kind of starving but there are only candies and some chips in the racks. Around this time, I usually call "Oom Indra" so he will wake up and be prepared to deliver the papers in the downtown. I respect him so much because he devotes his life to his two beautiful daughters, Michelle and Britania, and his beloved wife, Tante Letty. Man, he really works hard. I still can't believe that he can do two jobs together, the papers at dawn and working for Brunei Embassy afterward. He has been doing these for 5 years, every single day, through the rain and storm. When people are still sleeping and hiding behind their comfy blanket, he is slurping his black coffee, taking the elevator and turning the radio on to break the silence morning. Then he opens his car and his right hand is grabbing one bundle of New York Times and walking down from one block to another block. And the worst scenario happens, it has been getting snow since last night. Roads are slippery and the wind is blowing hard. His coat covers him from the winter breeze. Yap, the time when we become the head of family, we are going to do anything to survive and support the family. It's still a long way to go for me, and I don't know that I will be able to take all the responsibilities or not. Probably, that's all that I can write for my first blog and I hope next time I could write more about all the aspects in this life, or maybe about love, the universal language which has become the role actor for all the dramas and tears in our life.